Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday ebook spotlight: Leger's 'Settling for More'

Lori Leger’s third book in her Prime of Love series has been released and it’s only 99 cents.

Here’s the book description for “Settling for More:”

The fifty-something-year-old Sandra and Marshall Campion are beginning to enjoy life with no children at home. Trips to Belize...weekends at the beach house with other couples, tailgating and season passes to college football games. Their youngest, Brock, has just graduated from college and has a new fiancée. Their oldest daughter, Ella, is married to an architect and still bears an irrational grudge against her younger sister. Middle daughter, Maddie, dropped out of college at 20 and has been on a six-year trek across the U.S., taking odd jobs to earn her keep. She calls and video chats occasionally to let them know she’s alive, but they haven’t seen her in person for well over four years. 

When she arrives, unannounced, towing a four-year-old daughter they knew nothing about, the Campions are both thrilled and shocked.  Shock turns to pleasant surprise as they accustom themselves to being new grandparents to the bright, articulately advanced child. They hope to convince their daughter to settle down in their hometown, but the older-middle sibling rivalry rears its ugly head and threatens the peace and serenity of the entire family. So much so that the couple awakens one morning to find that Maddie is missing. She’s left behind two things: a note, and her child. Will she resolve her issues and come home to finish raising her daughter, or will Sandra and Marshall Campion have to start their lives over as new parents?  

Leger is an award-winning author and adores writing stories set in southwest Louisiana, where good Cajun cooking, helping your neighbors, and saying ‘y’all’ is as normal as hurricanes, heat, and humidity. She has 12 full-length novels, and five short stories published in four series: La Fleur de Love, its spin-off, Halos and Horn; Seasons of Love, Prime of Love series, and one stand-alone Christmas suspense published with The Wild Rose Press. She’s contributed to the Sweet and Savory Cookbook of Amazon Authors, published by Top Ten Press. Her fourth novel in the Halos and Horns series, “One Year to Forever,” won 2015 Romance Novel of Excellence award from InD’tale Review magazine.

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