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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday ebook spotlights

Nicole Dior continues her Louisiana series with “The Streets Or Me 2: A Louisiana Love Story,” available on Kindle for only 99 cents. Her first book is also discounted, so check out both.
Here’s the book description: “They say when love is on the front lines of the battlefield, it makes one question who's really loyal to them. After Legacy walked out, Khyia decided to make some changes in her life. She went from being a ride or die girl to opening her own boutique and becoming a full-time mother to her now seven month old twins, Lyric and Legend. When old love and new "drama" arise in her life, will Khyia be able to handle the pressure all on her own or will it be too much for one woman to handle? Legacy was on a mission to bring hell to the lives of those that took his best friend’s life, causing him to walk away from the only woman he loved. When he returns to Louisiana to get his cartel back on track, he doesn't return alone. Showing up with a new flame on his arm causes more unwanted drama in Legacy's life. Can he mend the break that he caused in Khyia's heart, or will he be left having his loyalty questioned? More drama arises in their lives and secrets are brought to the light, putting loyalty on the front lines. When the flames are ignited and smoke starts to rise, will Khyia and Legacy prove their loyalty to one another or will all respect be lost?
Here are two ebooks set in Louisiana, available as ebooks for $2.99:
Kirsten Osbourne of Texas sets her romance in the Bayou State around a wedding that takes an unusual turn with “Longingin Louisiana (At the Altar Book 8).”  
Here’s the book description: “Michelle Strempel firmly believes that she isn’t worthy of being loved. After her fiancé of almost three years tells her he’s got to break off their engagement, she decides to take matters into her own hands. With all the hours she’s spent planning a wedding, she’s going to have one on the day she’s planned. So she contacts Dr. Lachele Simpson from Matchrimony.
“Seth Henderson has no time to find a bride, but when he sees how happy his best friend, Daniel Axford, is with his new wife, he wants the same thing. He asks for a sweet little thing just like his friend received for a bride. When he meets Michelle, he can tell she’s got an inner strength that surprises him. Will he be able to get past her fears that she’s unlovable? Or will they spend the rest of their lives in a loveless marriage?”
P.W. Child and Paul Hunter have teamed up for a Louisiana-based mystery titled “Bones in the Bayou (TheLouisiana Files Book 1).”  
Here’s the book description: “FBI Agent Andrea Jensen is forced to leave her home to go to Calvin Parish Louisiana to investigate the murder of the eccentric Jean Beaumont, a charity worker, addict and wife beater, who left a crumbling plantation home to his wife Elizabeth. The beautiful socialite invites Andrea into her home and provides her with everything she needs during her stay. She even gives Andrea clues as to what happened, but she has her secrets, and they may prove deadly. Andrea will be have to navigate the macabre landscape and the intrigue within it while fighting to maintain her sanity. If the swamp doesn't kill her, the people might ...”

Louisiana Book News is written by journalist Chere Dastugue Coen, who writes Louisiana romances under the pen name of Cherie Claire. The first two books in her award-winning series are free as ebooks! Visit http://www.cherieclaire.net/.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Louisiana's James Carville insists he's still right

Louisiana native and political pundit James Carville has a new book out on Tuesday and naturally it leans to the left. Titled “We’re Still Right — and They’re Still Wrong: The Democrat Case for 2016,” the book takes stabs at the Republican agenda and their stands on national issues such as health care, welfare, tax reform and economic growth. The book follows up Carville’s 1996 No. 1 New York Times bestseller “We’re Right, They’re Wrong.” In his new book, Carville insists that not much has changed.
Carville is an American political consultant, commentator, educator, actor, attorney and media personality who’s served as the lead strategist of the 1992 presidential campaign of Bill Clinton. Carville was a cohost of CNN’s “Crossfire” and has since appeared on CNN’s news program “The Situation Room.” Carville is the author of several books, most recently, “It’s the Middle Class, Stupid!,” coauthored with Stan Greenberg. He teaches political science at Tulane University. 
Carville will be discussing and signing his latest book beginning at 6 p.m. Friday at Octavia Books of New Orleans.

Uncle Earl
            Louisiana Gov. Earl Kemp Long never met a campaign he didn’t love. He ran for office in every state election between 1933 and 1959. His last race, however, was his undoing. Released from a mental hospital by his own machinations, Long ran against Harold McSween in Louisiana’s Eighth Congressional District. His doctors warned him it could be last, and they were right. Long died shortly after winning the election. Jack B. McGuire relates Long’s final campaign in “Win the Race or Die Trying: Uncle Earl’s Last Hurrah,” a book that’s as entertaining to read as informative due to McGuire’s engaging writing style. The University of Mississippi Press book is also complemented by numerous photographs. McGuire, the coauthor of “Louisiana Governors: Rulers, Rascals and Reformers,” will discuss and sign copies of the book at 6 p.m. Thursday at Garden District Book Shop of New Orleans.

New releases
Dr. James Boldin, associate professor of music in the School of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Louisiana Monroe, has published a new book titled “Solo Training for Horn.” This is his second publication with Mountain Peak Music, a publisher of pedagogical materials for musicians. For more information, visit http://www.mountainpeakmusic.com/solo-training-for-horn/.
Joy Williams, a native of Baton Rouge, has published her debut book “Olivia and the Land of Extra-Ordinary” about a little girl named Olivia who desperately wants to be a princess but doesn’t believe she can be one because she wears glasses. After ending up on an accidental journey that leads her to a world of different people and things, she realizes that being different isn't so bad at all, it’s actually extraordinary.
“My book helps teach kids to understand we are all made up in different shapes, colors, sizes, etc.,” Williams wrote me. “And our differences is what makes us unique. It encourages kids to not focus on differences, and the importance of sisterhood by supporting each other.”
The book can be ordered at Williams’s website, joydwilliams.net.
Tom Franklin of Oxford, Miss., author of “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter,” edits a collection of 16 short stories that travel through Mississippi in “Mississippi Noir.” The book published by Akashic Books is divided into four sections: “Conquest & Revenge,” “Wayward Youth,” “Bloodlines” and “Skipping Town.” Authors include Ace Atkins, William Boyle, Megan Abbott, Jack Pendarvis, Dominiqua Dickey, Michael Kardos, Jamie Paige, Jimmy Cajoleas, Chris Offutt, Michael Farris Smith, Andrew Paul, Lee Durkee, Robert Busby, John M. Floyd, RaShell R. Smith-Spears and Mary Miller.
The Associated Press said this about the book: “In these stories, from Biloxi to Hattiesburg, from Jackson to Oxford, the various crimes of the heart or doomed deeds of fractured households are carried out in real Mississippi locales . . . Are a devilishly wrought introduction to writers with a feel for Mississippi who are pursuing lonely, haunting paths of the imagination.”
Akashic Books is also the publisher of “New Orleans Noir.”
New York Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon of Carlyss has released “Diabolical,” the third book in the Shaye Archer thriller series. Nine years ago, the police found main character Shaye Archer wandering in the French Quarter, beaten and abused and with no memory of the previous 15 years. Now, at 24, Shaye is a private investigator, determined to get answers for her clients when the police can’t help. But her last case uncovered more than anyone anticipated, and pieces of Shaye’s missing past have surfaced with unexpected consequences.

Southern bookstores
            Along Main Street, in the heart of historic New Iberia, is the quaint bookstore Books Along the Teche. Owned by Howard Kingston, the bookstore has been selling new books, old books, rare books, out-of-print books and regional books since 1990. Naturally, since this is New Iberia, Books Along the Teche specializes in James Lee Burke novels and Kingston was involved in the inaugural Dave Robicheaux’s Hometown Literary Festival: Celebrating Storytellers from Iberia & Beyond last April. For more information, visit www.booksalongtheteche.com.

Cheré Coen is the author of “Forest Hill, Louisiana: A Bloom Town History,” “Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana” and “Exploring Cajun Country.” She writes Louisiana romances under the pen name of Cherie Claire. Write her at cherecoen@gmail.com.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday ebook spotlights

Deborah LeBlanc is an award-winning, best-selling author and business owner from Lafayette, Louisiana. She is also a licensed death scene investigator, has been a paranormal investigator for more than 20 years and has served as president of the Horror Writers Association, the Writers' Guild of Acadiana and Mystery Writers of America's Southwest Chapter. In 2007, Deborah founded Literacy Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting illiteracy in America’s teens. Deborah also takes her passion for literacy and a powerful ability to motivate to high schools around the country.

Her books are available online with some as discounted as 99 cents. For instance, “Morbid Curiosity” is only 99 cents. 

It seemed like the answer to Haley's prayers. The most popular girl in her high school promised Haley that her life would change forever if she only performed certain dark rituals. And if Haley can convince her twin sister to participate, their power will double. Together they will be able to summon mystical entities they never dared dream of. But these are powerful, uncontrollable forces--forces that can kill . . . forces that demand to be fed.

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Jana DeLeon’s “Diabolical,” she has made “Malevolent” free or 99 cents at Nook. The novel is No. 1 in the Shaye Archer Series.

Here’s the description: Everyone wondered about Shaye Archer’s past. Including Shaye. Shaye Archer’s life effectively began the night police found her in an alley, beaten and abused and with no memory of the previous fifteen years, not even her name. Nine years later, she’s a licensed private investigator, with a single goal—to get answers for her clients when there aren’t supposed to be any. And maybe someday, answers for herself. Emma Frederick thought her nightmare was over when she killed her abusive husband, but someone is stalking her and tormenting her with mementos from her past. With no evidence to support her claims, the police dismiss her claims as post-traumatic stress, but Shaye is convinced that someone is deliberately terrorizing Emma…playing a cat and mouse game with only one goal in mind. To kill Emma.
The first book in my Cajun Embassy series, “Ticket to Paradise,” written under my pen name of Cherie Claire, is free.

Lizzy Guidry is having the worst day of her life, thanks to newspaperman Martin Taylor, whose editorial has raised the ire of Lizzy’s boss, the mayor of Santa Helena, California. Martin is on the verge of losing his newspaper, which is why he’s buying yet another lottery ticket the night he runs into Lizzy. Still fuming, Lizzy beats him to it, nabbing the last ticket before the machines close. Topping off Martin’s worst day, Lizzy’s ticket wins. Only she doesn’t know it.

As Martin attempts to romance his way to five million dollars, will he lose his heart in the process? Will they both realize that love, more than money, is the ticket to paradise?

The Cajun Embassy series follows three Columbia journalism coeds homesick for Louisiana who find comfort at school in a bowl of Cajun gumbo. Each book — Ticket to Paradise, Damn Yankees and Gone Pecan — follows these dedicated friends as they make their way into the world. 

Because love — and a good gumbo — cures everything. 

Please remember, 99-cent and free Kindle books are gifts from authors. You can show your gratitude by leaving reviews on the websites where you downloaded the books. And of course buy their other books.

Louisiana Book News is written by journalist Chere Dastugue Coen, who writes Louisiana romances under the pen name of Cherie Claire. The first two books in her award-winning series are free as ebooks! Visit http://www.cherieclaire.net/.