Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday Ebook Spotlight: Wilder's 'Big Easy'

Eric Wilder grew up in Louisiana listening to his grandmothers' tales of ghosts and voodoo, so naturally, he had to write about his unique culture. He is the author of the French Quarter Mystery Series featuring sleuth Wyatt Thomas, and the Buck McDivit Mystery Series, in addition to several regional cookbooks, including "Lily's Little Cajun Cookbook," in which he shares both recipes, stories and a few tall tales. He lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, now but we won’t hold that against him. He’s still writing about his home state.

For only 99 cents to download, check out Wilder’s “Big Easy” novel, book one in the French Quarter Mystery series. Here’s the book description:

In the most haunted city on earth, police can’t afford to disregard the supernatural. When it becomes apparent to N.O.P.D. homicide detective Tony Nicosia that the recent killing of panhandlers is related to voodoo, he turns to the one person he knows that can help him—Wyatt Thomas, the French Quarter’s favorite private investigator. Wyatt’s partner, Mama Mulate, is not only a voodoo mambo but also a professor at Tulane. When someone needs answers concerning magic, voodoo, or the supernatural, Wyatt and Mama are the ones they ask.

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