Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday Ebook Spotlight: Campbell's 'California Gold'

On sale today, just in time for Mother’s Day, is the boxed set of the “California Gold” trilogy by Glynnis Campbell. Separately the books cost $14.98, but the boxed set sells for $7.99.

Campbell is an award-winning, best-selling novelist who lives in Los Angeles and if you’re wondering how this relates to Louisiana, she’s a dear friend of ours and a fabulous writer. Here’s the description of the books:

These are chronicles of the Old West--of the native people who lived on the land for generations and the pioneers who came from all over the world in search of riches…the struggle to survive in a land without laws…the strange bedfellows that resulted from the clash of cultures…and the common language of the heart that spoke of a love more precious than gold.

Book 1: NATIVE GOLD - A rebellious artist becomes a Gold Rush mail-order bride, but when fate makes her a widow, she's tempted by a fierce native in whose arms she discovers a forbidden love.
Book 2: NATIVE WOLF - A half-native's plans for vengeance backfire when he falls in love with the woman he kidnaps, who finds being stolen by a handsome savage a breathtaking adventure. A posse may be hot on the trail, but she's not so sure she wants to be rescued.

Book 3: NATIVE HAWK - A half-native gambler on the run tangles with a spirited Italian beauty who takes his money and steals his heart, but the scheming young miss can't resist the handsome gunslinger, even when she learns he's a wanted man.

Campbell is also participating in a giveaway featuring 80 historical romance authors. Follow her on BookBub and Amazon for a chance to win a large collection of novels as well as bookstore gift cards, plus a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet to the grand prize winner. 

Enter the giveaway by clicking here.

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