Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday Ebook Spotlight: O'Neil De Noux

New Orleans author O’Neil De Noux is exploring a new genre with his paranormal secret agent novel, “Lucifer’s Tiger.” The book is up now on Kindle Scout where readers may enjoy the opening scenes for free and vote for the book to be published by Amazon. 

Here is a brief rundown: IT IS 1936 and the world is on the brink of war – An American agent with special talents tangles with Japanese agents frantically searching for a mysterious stone called the Blaer. Murder quickly follows as the American stumbles across a vivacious brunette who needs rescuing. Or does she? She has her own special talents. The chase is on from southern China through steamy India to a lost island in the Arabian Sea. What diabolical plan do Nazi scientists have for tigers in this deadly game of cat-and-mouse in the realm of the ultimate predator? The tiger.

To read the opening lines to “Lucifer’s Tiger” and vote, visit https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/783BJVSMZLQX.

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