Thursday, February 9, 2017

Great ghostly titles from Schiffer Publishing

If you’re not afraid of no ghosts — at least reading about them — then here are a couple of spooky books I discovered from Schiffer Publishing.

“Under Spiritual Siege: How Ghosts and Demons Affect Us and How to Combat Them” by William Stillman (Schiffer Publishing) begins with Stillman describing his experiences as a psychic. In addition to his ghostly tales through the people he contacts, Stillman provides an excellent explanation of ghosts, how they differ individually and from those in the spirit world.

In “Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia with Breakthrough Ghost Photography,” author Tim Scullion travels through the historic village capturing fascinating images on digital photographs. The book is filled with captivating stories on Williamsburg buildings and why they may be haunted, but the photos will blow you away.

“For some reason, the digital camera can pick up these previously undetected light apparitions that are not visible to the naked eye,” Scullion writes in the book’s foreword. “In Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding area, you will see these light formations over or around historical buildings that all have rumors of ghost stories that envelop their past.”

How Scullion zooms in as much as he does without distorting images, while managing to pick up human faces in the process, is a mystery. Is it for real? You decide.

Cheré Coen loves a good ghost story. She is the author of “Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana,” in addition to “Forest Hill, Louisiana: A Bloom Town History” and “Exploring Cajun Country.” She writes Louisiana romances under the pen name of Cherie Claire. Write her at