Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday's Ebook Spotlight: "Between the Levees'

Jonathan Olivier has published a debut novel, "Between the Levees," inspired by his Cajun lineage and his love for the Louisiana Atchafalaya River Basin. Olivier began his writing career as a journalist and has won several awards for his reporting on outdoor recreation and environmental issues.

"Between the Levees" is available for download for $2.99.

Here is the book description: 

"For Sam Miller, family is what he wants most in the world. Though with his parents deceased since he was a boy, and with no way of uncovering who they were, finding a sense of family is more than a daunting task—it seems impossible. Until he goes to Louisiana’s Cajun country, with hopes of finding a man who perhaps knew them. After enduring blistering heat, torment from mosquitoes, venturing into eerie, backwater swamps, and fending off alligators, snakes, and a few sinister locals, Sam finds what he had sought all of his life. He’s also given a second chance, one to leave behind a pained past that he would rather forget. But finding what he wants most means that he’ll eventually have to lose it."

"Between the Levees makes the reader think about the meaning of family and friendship — and the meaning of home," wrote Oak Tree Reviews. "It is a hopeful story, showing that even in dark times, hope can be found, and lives can be changed for the better. This novel was very enjoyable to read."

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