Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ebook spotlight: 'Hartman House'

Imagine a house that is a safe haven from witch hunters and werewolf or vampire slayers.  Where any mystical being could live, safe from the threat of the outside world.  The Hartman family were themselves witches and had always tried their best to protect their own, and to protect other magical beings as well. To do so they built a large mansion on the edge of New Orleans and spelled it to conceal any magic.

It’s all a part of “Hartman House” by A L Wright, the first book in the Hartman House Saga and only 99 cents to download.

Here’s the book description: The spell on the house also kept the wolves from needing to turn on full moons.  And kept the vampires from needing to feed on human blood.  With such powerful allies living among them, they could create search and rescue teams to help bring in those who were being hunted down like animals. And with so many successful rescues in recent times, the current leaders of Hartman House needed to find the secret to the spell over the house.  The same spell whose secret had died with the last of the Hartman’s fifteen years earlier.

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