Friday, February 27, 2015

'The Returned' return and multiply

"The Returned" American version.
            Here’s a story that is sure to have you confused by its conclusion.
            The French produced a television series titled “Les Revenants,” about a town haunted by a series of tragedies — a school bus accident, the disappearance of a finance and a rash of attacks on women. 
            Then one day the dead come back to life.
            “Les Revenants” means “The Returned” and it’s a riveting suspense series that won International Emmy Awards. Buzzfeed called it, “Some of the most beautifully eerie scenes ever on television.” For those of you who have access to the Sundance Channel, "Les Revenants" will begin airing Tuesday, March 3. For those of you with a Netflix subscription, you can watch the entire first season.
            In 2013, award-winning poet Jason Mott posed a similar scenario in his novel, “The Returned,” but this time it’s many people who have died throughout the world (although the book is focused on one small town), and the subsequent reaction by the government. We reviewed the book and you can read it here.
            In both stories, the “returned” appear as they had when they died.
            For readers, Seth Patrick has novelized the French series, published in 2014.
            Also in 2014, Mott’s story became an ABC TV series titled “Resurrection.”
            Confused yet?
            This year, A and E will offer an American version of “Les Revenants,” although producers insist the adaptation will be unique. The A&E version, titled "The Returned," premieres at 9 p.m. March 9.
            Again, for readers, Sourcebooks will release a U.S. edition of Patrick’s novel on April 7.
           Meanwhile, season 2 of "Les Revenants" is being filmed in France through the end of March. This is one viewer eagerly anticipating its release.

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