Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday Ebook Spotlight: DeSalvo's 'Out-lanta'

“Out-lanta: a Second Chance Novella” from the Magnolias and Moonshine Series by New Orleans native Tina DeSalvo is available for 99 cents as a pre-order at iTunes and Amazon.

De Salvo, who now lives in Cajun Conuntry, sets her book in in Atlanta when heroine Ania Darska runs out of her wedding right into the car of Luke Marcelle, who is sightseeing with his elderly Cajun matriarch friend, Tante’ Izzy, and her niece, Ruby. When Ania pleads with Luke to drive, it’s the women in the back seat who get him moving...more accurately, Tanté Izzy who is drawing her gun from her pink purse to aim at Ania’s gun-wielding groom. 

No way does Luke want to hang around to see how that would turn out! And so, Luke and Ania’s adventure begins – and so does their road trip to Cane, Louisiana. 

The series features 20 New York Times, USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors telling Southern love stories.

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