Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Ebook Spotlight: Full Circle by Allen Cates

Allen Cates of Lafayette spent almost eight years in Southeast Asia flying helicopters with the Marine and Air America. He relates these experiences in his new novel, “Full Circle: An Odyssey About America’s Secret Air Force in Southeast Asia,” available as a download for Kindle here.

Here’s the book’s description:
Acadian heritage and his father's watchful eye nurtured Brian Vincent's upbringing in the swamps and bayous of south Louisiana, where hunting and fishing were commonplace, and integrity and diligence were more than spoken virtues. Brian was a quick learner and an avid reader, and stories of love and war where warriors prevailed against formidable odds piqued his inquisitive mind. However, along with his strength of character came a degree of stubbornness. His family wanted him to be an attorney or a businessman carrying on the family tradition, but Brian wanted to test his mettle on the field of battle.

Marine Corps Aviation offered the path he was seeking, and the war in Southeast Asia provided the catalyst where innocent people were willing to die for freedom against an oppressor who killed anyone who tried to stop them. Against his family's wishes, he entered the fray altruistically and unpretentiously. But Brian found military regimentation did not fit his persona. Still, the adrenaline rush while dancing with the devil was alluring, and Air America offered another path with a twist. Flying in primitive conditions where death lurked unexpectedly like a hidden pit viper was daunting. The psychic income from saving lives and accomplishing the mission with his initiative drew him further into an abyss. Seeing first-hand daily collateral damage without reason coupled with a naive approach to affairs of the heart took its toll.

Brian made the full circle and returned to his roots, broken in body and spirit. Now, he must come to grips with the realization that people and governments are often devious, that life is not always fair, and he has begun to question the purpose of living in a complicated world.

For more information on Cates’ novel and his nonfiction book, “Honor Denied,” visit http://www.allencatesbooks.com.

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