Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday ebook spotlight: A Cajun Dream

The fifth book in my Cajun Series of historical romances was actually my debut novel. And “A Cajun Dream” (FREE download until Nov. 1) was actually a dream.  

I woke up one morning during that “Twilight Time,” around 2 a.m., and this story flitted across my mind like a movie. I kept thinking, “This is awesome and I should write it down,” but I didn’t want to interrupt the story. Seriously, it was like watching a film! In the back of my mind I knew I would never remember what I was seeing when I woke up the next morning, but amazingly enough, I did. It was as if the universe was gifting me a story to share.

The original title was “Jolie Blonde,” because this story was to be the fictional tale behind what we call the Cajun National Anthem, a song titled “Ma Blonde est Partie," later shortened to Jolie Blonde” or beautiful blonde. It’s a popular song in South Louisiana and a sad tale of a beautiful blonde woman that the singer begs not to return home to her family. Want to hear it? Click here to enjoy Michael Doucet, Aly Bain and Ricky Skaggs perform "Jolie Blonde." 

In my story, all ends well (it is a romance, after all) but the name was changed because, as my editor informed me, most Americans don’t understand French so a French title is completely out of the question. She was right. And the title became “A Cajun Dream,” which is appropriate, don’t you think?

My debut novel went on to win awards and final for many others. 

“A Cajun Dream” is free from now until Nov. 1, a Halloween present to my readers. It has become the fifth book in the series because following this novel and its sequel, “The Letter” novella, I wrote four books preceding the story. When I launched all six books as ebooks, I put the stories in chronological order. (And let me also mention that the first book in the series, "Emilie," is always free.)
Here’s the book description:

Spurned by the Americans living in the South Louisiana town of Franklin because of her Catholic upbringing, and forbidden to associate with the French Creoles and Cajuns by her father, Amanda Rose Richardson believes she is destined to become an old maid. When she finds herself in a compromised situation by the town rogue, it is her good friend René Comeaux, the darkly handsome and passionate Cajun who rescues her. Unbeknown to Amanda, René has been in love with her for months. But can René convince her father his intensions are honorable and win the heart of the "Jolie Blonde" he adores? 

Here’s what others said: 
"A Cajun Dream will bring a smile to readers' faces. Ms. Claire has captured the sweetness of falling in love the first time with the gentleness of Dorothy Garlock and the tenderness of Pamela Morsi." — Maria C. Ferrer for Romantic Times magazine 

"What a marvelous debut! Cherie Claire is sure to earn a bevy of fans with this charming and heartwarming tale." — Rexanne Becnel, author of Blink of An Eye 

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