Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday ebook spotlights

Nicole Dior continues her Louisiana series with “The Streets Or Me 2: A Louisiana Love Story,” available on Kindle for only 99 cents. Her first book is also discounted, so check out both.
Here’s the book description: “They say when love is on the front lines of the battlefield, it makes one question who's really loyal to them. After Legacy walked out, Khyia decided to make some changes in her life. She went from being a ride or die girl to opening her own boutique and becoming a full-time mother to her now seven month old twins, Lyric and Legend. When old love and new "drama" arise in her life, will Khyia be able to handle the pressure all on her own or will it be too much for one woman to handle? Legacy was on a mission to bring hell to the lives of those that took his best friend’s life, causing him to walk away from the only woman he loved. When he returns to Louisiana to get his cartel back on track, he doesn't return alone. Showing up with a new flame on his arm causes more unwanted drama in Legacy's life. Can he mend the break that he caused in Khyia's heart, or will he be left having his loyalty questioned? More drama arises in their lives and secrets are brought to the light, putting loyalty on the front lines. When the flames are ignited and smoke starts to rise, will Khyia and Legacy prove their loyalty to one another or will all respect be lost?
Here are two ebooks set in Louisiana, available as ebooks for $2.99:
Kirsten Osbourne of Texas sets her romance in the Bayou State around a wedding that takes an unusual turn with “Longingin Louisiana (At the Altar Book 8).”  
Here’s the book description: “Michelle Strempel firmly believes that she isn’t worthy of being loved. After her fiancé of almost three years tells her he’s got to break off their engagement, she decides to take matters into her own hands. With all the hours she’s spent planning a wedding, she’s going to have one on the day she’s planned. So she contacts Dr. Lachele Simpson from Matchrimony.
“Seth Henderson has no time to find a bride, but when he sees how happy his best friend, Daniel Axford, is with his new wife, he wants the same thing. He asks for a sweet little thing just like his friend received for a bride. When he meets Michelle, he can tell she’s got an inner strength that surprises him. Will he be able to get past her fears that she’s unlovable? Or will they spend the rest of their lives in a loveless marriage?”
P.W. Child and Paul Hunter have teamed up for a Louisiana-based mystery titled “Bones in the Bayou (TheLouisiana Files Book 1).”  
Here’s the book description: “FBI Agent Andrea Jensen is forced to leave her home to go to Calvin Parish Louisiana to investigate the murder of the eccentric Jean Beaumont, a charity worker, addict and wife beater, who left a crumbling plantation home to his wife Elizabeth. The beautiful socialite invites Andrea into her home and provides her with everything she needs during her stay. She even gives Andrea clues as to what happened, but she has her secrets, and they may prove deadly. Andrea will be have to navigate the macabre landscape and the intrigue within it while fighting to maintain her sanity. If the swamp doesn't kill her, the people might ...”

Louisiana Book News is written by journalist Chere Dastugue Coen, who writes Louisiana romances under the pen name of Cherie Claire. The first two books in her award-winning series are free as ebooks! Visit http://www.cherieclaire.net/.