Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Cajun Series of historical romances now ebooks!

            Some people view the rise of ebooks as the death of print. I’m enjoying this new technology as a second life to my alter ego. I published several historical romance novels under the pen name of Cherie Claire in the early part of this century, all focused on Cajun culture and set in South Louisiana. Because they were romance novels, their shelf life was limited. Last year, I received the rights back to these books and have uploaded them all to Amazon as ebooks. So Cherie Claire is back in business, and this time “The Cajun Series” of historical novels will remain available indefinitely and soon I’ll have versions for young adults, foreign countries and as audio books. Pretty cool.
The Cajun Series follows a family of Acadians (Cajuns) who travel to South Louisiana and start anew after being exiled from their Nova Scotia home. The first three books — Emilie, Rose and Gabrielle — follow the Gallant sisters as they attempt to reunite with their father in the wilds of Louisiana and Delphine (Book Four) takes place during Louisiana's role in the American Revolution. The Dugas family saga continues with A Cajun Dream (Book Five) and The Letter (Book Six). You can read more about my books, view a family tree and see what books are coming up at 

Book One: Emilie (now only 99 cents!)
“Pick up a copy of Emilie for your reading pleasure, and take a journey into the historical Acadian (Cajun) country of Louisiana for an educational, romantic read.”
—Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today

 “The beauty of Ms. Claire’s tale is in the message that love makes one a stronger and better person. She leaves just enough hints to keep readers eagerly anticipating the next two sisters’ tales. As a history buff, I enjoyed learning about the Acadian (Cajun) culture, as well as the story’s characters.”
—Evelyn Feiner, Romantic Times magazine

Book Two: Rose
"Ms. Claire's tale of the Acadians (Cajuns) is rich in Old World traditions as she explores the early beginnings of what was to become the melting pot of American society. Rose and Coleman's love is the stepping stone to a new beginning and readers' hearts will be warmed by their love and its powerful message."
—Romantic Times Magazine 

“I’m saving a spot for Cherie Claire on my keepershelf!”
—Heather Nordahl, Affaire de Coeur

Book Three: Gabrielle
“Ms. Claire’s characters are vividly portrayed against the atmosphere of the swampland, and living in exile in a strange land and dealing with all that it entails. I felt I was right there with Jean and Gabrielle.”
—Suzanne Coleburn, The Belles and Beaux of Romance

Book Four: Delphine
“Author Cherie Claire masterfully blends the challenges of history, love and loyalty in Delphine. From the grand mansions of the aristocrats of France to the marauding dangers of the high seas, this rich plot combines intrigue, treachery, and traitorous love in a riveting novel readers will not be able to put down….Delphine comes highly recommended.”
—Cindy Penn, Word Wrap

Book Five: A Cajun Dream
"A Cajun Dream will bring a smile to readers' faces. Ms. Claire has captured the sweetness of falling in love the first time with the gentleness of Dorothy Garlock and the tenderness of Pamela Morsi." 
—Romantic Times magazine 

Book Six: The Letter
"Cherie Claire is a new voice in romance from the heartland of Louisiana. I found The Letter enchanting, original and lyrical from beginning to end. Catch this star rising - her talent is a gift of the Goddess!" 
— Eileen Charbonneau, author of Rachel LeMoyne